About The New Tag

Remember the heart-thumping, mind-racing, breath-taking days of playing tag? The grassy-sunny-sweaty sweetness, the laughing till it almost hurt, arms reaching, legs pumping, with everything you had, and all of your senses turned all the way up as if your very life depended on it?

Half dreading being “caught” and half hoping to be “it” and wholly, wildly, madly, even desperately caring either way? Making the most of every moment, hating to stop even for dinner and hoping against hope that this might be one of those nights when mom let’s you stay out for just a little while longer?

If only the adults in our lives could have found a way to capture that feeling and infuse it into all of the most important lessons, experiences, and stages of “growing up”!  Can you imagine the fun? The excitement? The ENERGY we might have put into learning, about… well, everything that it takes to make it in this world?

Just imagine…  Self-consciousness, rigidity, self-absorption, inflexibility? Not so much. There’s no sulking in Tag, no ball to take and go home.

Tag is not a game for the faint of heart and it’s not a game for quitters. It’s a game for kids.

The New Tag is about finding and sharing new ways to engage, motivate, reach and teach the young people in our lives. Everyone’s invited, and everyone can play.

It’s a fast paced game – kids grow up quickly and we can’t afford to waste a moment. It’s as heart-racing and breath-taking as the original, often even more so and every bit as sunny and funny and sweet.

But The New  Tag is not a game for the faint of heart and it’s not a game for quitters.  It’s a game for for people who love, care for and are responsible for parenting, teaching and mentoring kids. Tag- you’re it.


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